Sorry - this product is no longer available


We all know, some IPPE attendees walk the halls looking up for navigation and some walk around looking down to navigate (or look at their phone). Increase your visibility to all attendees by purchasing a hanging aisle sign and floor cling to be displayed beneath your hanging cross aisle sign. 

DOUBLE-SIDED Hanging Cross Aisle Sign

Choose the aisle in which your booth is located or various aisles to direct attendees to your booth. (Maximum six aisles.) Located above the main tram line, hanging cross aisle signs serve as wayfinding for attendees by indicating the aisle number. Your sign will include the aisle number, your logo and booth number.


Sponsor must choose closest available aisle to your booth. IPPE reserves the right to not place above competitors.

New! Floor Cling Add-On

Your company and brand get double the visibility with this package by adding a floor cling beneath your hanging cross aisle sign. Include your logo, booth number and a directional arrow pointing the way to your booth.


This package is only available on certain aisles throughout all three halls. Contact Kris Early, for available locations.